Golden Group International is growing and expanding.


Golden Group International is a woman owned business located in Patterson, New York. We established this company in 2008 with the sole purpose of creating quality steel restroom accessories and environmentally friendly waste disposal products for individuals and businesses. We create products for feminine hygiene disposal, incontinence and baby diaper disposal.

When we started our company, we noticed a few very large gaps with regards to the area of personal hygiene product disposal. Seeing that no one was addressing these issues, we set out to fix the problems. We found that by helping people to solve these basic but important restroom issues at their source, we have helped not only the user, but the homes, businesses, schools, churches, communities and environments that we live in. We have help to create safer, more sanitary restroom conditions for men, women and workers while at the same time we have helped to reduce maintenance expense and protect the environment.

Thank you for helping us to solve these problems with you, grow our company and protect our environment.