Challenges of Gender Neutral and Girls Restrooms at School.

Get ready for school to startA good #School #maintenance tip from Golden Group International for your gender neutral and girls restrooms.

School is difficult for most teens, but for a young girl growing into a lady, it can be very challenging experiencing her period in school.

The challenges range from; feeling sick, sometimes with cramps to emotional changes to feelings of embarrassment and clumsiness in not knowing the proper way to dispose of and change personal hygiene items discreetly or in a sanitary way at school.

This is so challenging for some girls that they may choose to wait as long as possible or until they get home to change tampons. This can be very unhealthy, even dangerous and can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Teaching young ladies about the importance of proper personal hygiene and providing a convenient, discreet and sanitary way to dispose of and change these items in the schools restrooms is very helpful.

New gender neutral restrooms can lead to additional challenges for young ladies in school because discreet disposal becomes even more important. Young girls are often embarrassed or shy about the changes that they are going through. This can be difficult in girls restrooms among their peers but when boys are also in the restroom or use the same toilet after girls it can be very intimidating. Additionally, most boys will be uncomfortable and perhaps even vocal about this topic if they see used feminine hygiene items left behind.

Offering a convenient, discreet and sanitary method to dispose of feminine hygiene items can greatly help to reduce unhealthy conditions for girls and can also help to protect your plumbing. Because, if there is no good option for discreet disposal , the next step will be to flush the items. This can cause a substantial amount of damage to the plumbing and pumps and can lead to backups, flooding and loss of use.

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