Who we are?

Who Are We?
Golden Group International is a family owned and operated business located in Patterson, New York. We established this company in 2008 with the sole purpose of creating environmentally friendly waste disposal products for individuals and businesses that make responsible sustainability a priority. We create products designed around making your day-to-day life a little bit easier and a lot more sanitary.

What Do We Do?

In a nutshell, we’re here to help make your messy moments a little less messy.

A few years ago we started noticing a few very large, and very universal, holes with regards to the area of personal hygiene product disposal. Seeing that no one was addressing these issues, we set out to fix the problems and fill in the holes. With the normal, everyday people and the maintenance workers who clean up after them in mind we’ve created a line of dependable and eco-friendly products to help make your life a little easier, and hopefully a lot more sanitary.

Take our Sanitary Napkin Disposal Receptacle for example. Most of the existing products on the market are open-topped, requiring users to visually confront everything that’s in the bin while disposing of their own garbage, or are close-topped but require the maintenance worker to clean it by blindly shoving their hands inside and pulling out the bag. Furthermore, most companies that make liners for their disposal bins offer wax paper liners, which are known to constantly fall into the bin and spill their contents. Our Sanitary Napkin Disposal Receptacles are close-topped with a front door that swings open and is lockable. We’ve also perfected the Receptacle Liner.

Another example of our dedication to perfecting sanitary disposal options for personal hygiene products is apparent with our discreet Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bags. Developed with the user in mind, they’re made of high-density, colored plastics that are easy to manipulate and non-transparent. This means you don’t have to struggle to get your tampon or pad in it, and when you get it in, you con’t see what’s inside from the outside. The bags also have an adhesive strip built in so you can seal the bag shut and keep your mess contained.

All the disposable products in our innovative S.A.C. (Socially Acceptable Containment) line are made of high-quality, eco-friendly degradable plastics. Our line of American Made stainless steel disposal containers and receptacles are all made of high-quality 22 gauge steel and are available in a variety of different colors and customizable options.
So what do we do? We design and manufacture high-quality, eco-friendly products for the responsible disposal of personal hygiene items.

How Can We Help You?

Tired of messy bathrooms? Tired of clogged toilets? Tired of having to constantly clean up after other people’s messes? We’re here to help!

We’ve been quietly perfecting out products through years of R&D and direct customer feedback and we’re confident we can help improve the quality of your life… Or at least make a lot more sanitary. Our S.A.C. line of products are specifically designed with a clean restroom and a positive user experience in mind. Whether you’re looking for some sanitary napkin disposal options or some incontinence disposal options or maybe just some stainless steel receptacles we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re looking to purchase items for a large corporate institution or just for yourself or a loved one, we can help meet your needs. We’re capable of fulfilling both the largest and smallest of orders and are even open to working with you to customize certain products to meet your needs. We regularly provide bulk orders to nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and even private residences. We’re also NYSID approved and capable of helping to sanitize the offices of our various government agencies. You can even find our products on Amazon!

What Do We Stand For?

Pollution has become a plague common to all modern societies. We’ve reached a point where, through our lack of sustainable waste disposal practices, we’ve managed to create a garbage patch larger than the state of Texas floating out in the Pacific ocean. But not only are we concerned with the pollution outdoors, we’re concerned with indoor pollution. Restrooms that aren’t equipped with sanitary disposal options for personal hygiene products usually end up with waste all over the floors, overflowing garbage cans that no one wants to use, let alone maintain, and expensive plumbing problems resulting from flushed personal hygiene products like tampons, pads and wipes. Here at Golden Group International we believe in creating an environmentally sustainable and socially conscious world, free from unwanted pollution.

We also like to think that our American made dispensers and disposal bins are a testament to our unwavering patriotism. ‘Merica!

What Makes Us Different?

Our products have undergone years of constant research and development with the singular goal of making your life a easier and cleaner and we’re confident that we can make a difference in your life.

Not only do we contribute directly to the American economy by manufacturing our stainless steel products in the USA, and not only are we committed to bettering our environment by making our disposable products out of high-quality degradable materials, but we provide employment to an oftentimes forgotten about subset of our population. Through our partnership with the Mid-Hudson Workshop, one of the region’s leading independent vocational rehabilitation and training centers for individuals and veterans with mental and/or physical disabilities, Golden Group International helps provide job training and employment opportunities for this largely overlooked group of people.

We’re also huge supporters of our disabled veterans through our involvement with the Wounded Warriors Project.

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