It’s time to do more than put up handwritten sign.


“Do Not Flush” signs are common in restrooms but then what?

During the course of a normal work week here at Golden Group International, I hear many stories from frustrated and irritated property owners, janitors and custodians who are dealing with everything from: sloppy restrooms, out of order restrooms, customer complaints, foul odor, backups, visibly offensive waste, unsanitary conditions and flooding that has damaged entire floors.

give up yet- (1)

The common thread is that people are tired of going in circles wasting time and money!  No one knows what to do about the issue of filthy, clogged & damaged restrooms that don’t work. You can tell people all you like not to flush tampons, paper towels, wipes, pads or other personal hygiene items but the bottom line is that you will not see results until you provide a reasonable solution to flushing these items.

I’ll tell you a story about Joe. He is a custodian at a local college. He called me up to ask what he can do to correct the problems in the restrooms at his school. He said; “It’s so frustrating!….We are now communicating through signs….I am placing signs up to try and get help from people who use the restroom but they are responding in writing (often not so nicely) on walls and leaving a filthy mess behind. I am angry and frustrated. We are spending so much money on plumbing clogs, flooding and pump damage, in addition to the time we spend cleaning up and disinfecting potentially infectious trash on the floors. We barely have enough time to keep up.  All of this effort and we still have bad results.”

What’s wrong here?  (You can’t even use this disposal receptacle if you wanted to).  And seeing a mess like this is frustrating for the user too. They  feel that if the custodians don’t offer to help the situation why should they. So the whole situation snowballs into a disaster.

I’ll give you a hint….I told him simply, the answer is not a sign. I know we would all like for people to do what we say but if the request is unreasonable so will be the response.

So I helped Joe put together a disposal solution that will work. He first tried it in three of his busiest restrooms. The worst ones….the ones that they could not keep up with. I followed up with him several weeks later to hear great news. He was so relieved that it worked but in addition to that it worked so well that he received compliments. What a difference!

What a welcomed change for Joe. He went from being behind, frustrated and financially strained to being ahead and thanked. Imagine that!

In addition, over the next few months they added the solution to all of their restrooms. Now he has time for other aspects of his work and no longer has to waste his budget on unnecessary repairs and damage on a regular basis.

Not all sanitary napkin receptacles are the same.
The S.A.C. TD1000SS by Golden Group International – Sanitary napkin receptacle in Stainless Steel with TD1010 liner is a vast improvement over other receptacles on the market. Knowing what to buy for your restrooms and why, will make all of the difference! The TD1000 sanitary napkin receptacle works by holding the liner in place and it holds the liner open so items fall to the bottom. This allows for greater capacity and more sanitary conditions.


S.A.C. stainless steel for feminine hygiene
Sanitary solutions from Golden Group International.

What about you? Do you have a restroom that could use a new solution like Joe’s?  Email your concerns to me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Talk soon,
Jackie Transue

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