This is still a problem and it can’t be flushed away.


Wipes and other personal hygiene items are useful, sanitary and in many cases healthy, but don’t flush them. They can cause very expensive backups in your home and damage your local waste water treatment facility and pipes along the way.


There are so many products that people use for personal care and the list just keeps on growing; from wipes, to hemorrhoid pads, cotton swabs, tampons, pads, liners, guards and condoms …just to name a few.  All of these items should be discarded safely in the trash. Your toilet and sewer is not a garbage disposal. Nothing should be flushed except human waste and toilet paper.

Here is a recent article from Lake Tahoe:

‘Flushable’ wipes a problem for Tahoe sewers.

Please think before you flush and if you manage a building think about providing safe, clean, sanitary and convenient disposal solutions along with signage in the restroom to help educate people on what NOT TO FLUSH. Visit: Golden Group International for solutions that work.

S.A.C. stainless steel for feminine hygiene

wax liner & bin vs. S.A.C. Bin & liner



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