Take a step back and look at what works.


wax liner & bin vs. S.A.C. Bin & liner

The photo on the top left is a sanitary napkin receptacle with a paper liner installed in a brand new restaurant restroom. The one on the right is a similar unit with a paper liner after use.

#Restroom #maintenance #wax paper liner for #sanitary #napkin #receptacles vs. the S.A.C. TD1000 #solution that works.

The S.A.C. TD1000 is a simple solution. We took a look at restrooms all over the country and listened to property managers, janitors and housekeeping personnel and came up with a solution that solves a common problem.

The S.A.C. TD1000 sanitary napkin receptacle has an inner rim that holds our fitted liner, the S.A.C. TD1010, securely in place for a neat look that captures all of the waste. The bag liner is held wide open and pressed securely to the inner sides of the bin so that all waste falls into the bag every time. The waste falls all the way to the bottom of the bag because it is not restricted at the top. This allows for more items to be discarded neatly instead of overflowing right away.

S.A.C. TD1000 benefits

Using the S.A.C. TD1000 saves cleanup time and is more sanitary. The unit will hold more waste and will work between cleanings so that you don’t walk into the mess shown below. Who would want to use the disgusting bin that is loaded with others used items in plain view and risk coming into contact with them? Instead people will flush the items, throw them on the floor or just pile them on top of the bin leading to a cleaning or plumbing nightmare.

dirty restroom 4

Visit Golden Group International to shop for the S.A.C. products to save time and money while keeping your restrooms beautiful and sanitary.

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