Gender-Neutral Restrooms

discreetIf you are going to make some of your restrooms Gender-Neutral there are some things to consider. Your restrooms will need to be well equipped and stocked to provide for all of the needs of both male and female patrons.

Here are some examples of just a few things that will be needed: Seat liners for all patrons to sit as needed, taller stalls that provide more privacy & without gaps so that you can’t catch a glimpse of someone by accident. Sanitary napkin disposal receptacles in each stall and men’s urinals with privacy stalls.

But aside from the task and expense of retrofitting the restrooms themselves, it may actually help balance out the long restroom lines commonly found in front of the ladies room while the men’s room typically has no line whatsoever.

Social media crowds public restroom lines

But beware, with this change comes the acceptance of the new and unexpected. Women, prepare yourselves for the reality of some harsh sounds and smells and men…you better be prepared for the crude reality of woman’s feminine hygiene needs and what you may notice left behind in the receptacles.

Changing the restroom to Gender-Neutral will be a lesson in patience and acceptance on both sides. Women have distinctive sanitation needs that men don’t so be prepared to wait just a little longer. Gender neutral restroom

This change will not be easy for anyone in the beginning, especially the shy and those who just cant get used to the idea. But if we want change it is possible with the right tools and if everyone does their part to be respectful, courteous and discreet.


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