Discreet and Dignified Incontinence Care

Ecofriendly Diaper Disposal Bags

Incontinence shouldn’t prevent you or your loved ones from living life to the fullest. Our convenient and discreet incontinence disposal bags allow people to go about their days without worrying about where and when they can change their pad, adult brief or pull-up.

The S.A.C. disposal bags are great. They are large enough for extra large adult briefs, are very easy to handle, easy to open and simple to tie closed with the draw string closure. This plastic disposal bag will help to control odor and leaks. Now you do not have to be afraid to leave home or worry about disposing of your incontinence products discreetly.

adult incontinence

The S.AC. personal hygiene disposal bags are for the sanitary disposal of wipes, pads, diapers, pull-ups and adult briefs.
Shop on WalMart.com  or visit our website Golden Group International to shop for incontinence disposal bags, convenient bag dispensers and do not flush signs.

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