Do you know what century this is?

clogged toilet due to flushing personal hygiene productsYou guessed it. This is the 21 Century. So much has changed and improved and it seems like every time you turn around its time to upgrade to the newest and greatest gadget. We are all open to new and improved products and actually, we expect it. Now days, almost everything is disposable and there are specific ways that we are supposed to go about disposing of different items depending on their makeup. Regular trash goes in one place, glass goes in another, and so on for: plastic, paper, electronics etc. However for used personal hygiene product disposal we are severely lacking. Why is it that no one gives this a second thought? What do you think most people do with these items? You guessed it, they are flushing them.

Wastewater treatment system operators have been seeing pumps and equipment plugging up, and the costs are spiraling out of control. It’s not sustainable. Ultimately it will end up costing everyone in the form of higher taxes in addition to the maintenance and repairs for damage in your own facility. Schools, offices, healthcare facilities, churches, restaurants, homes, condos…you name it and they have paid a fortune in plumbing repair and associated damage to drywall, carpet, etc. Why do we keep doing the same thing without addressing the problem? We have to take a step back and take a look. It’s a new era.  There is a plethora of “flushable”/disposable products on the market and people love them! And why shouldn’t they? They make life easy, clean and convenient.

These items are great but flushing them is not how to dispose of them. We have to re-train people in our homes, at work in schools etc. Do not flush anything that is not dispersible. Toilet paper is designed to break apart; however, tampons, pads, most wipes and other personal hygiene products are not. There is a solution: Take a look at the S.A.C. disposal bags, bathroom signs, dispensers and receptacles for the disposal of all of used personal hygiene items. Placed near the toilet and within easy reach in addition to a poster above the dispenser, labels on the dispenser and instructions on each bag. The user can not miss this! We have to realize by now that people love and will continue to use disposable personal hygiene products because they are convenient and sanitary. However, no one wants to discard used items in an open trash can just like no one will discard used toilet paper in a trash can because it smells, can be embarrassing, unsanitary and unsightly. People flush used personal hygiene items for those reasons and because they have been misled by product manufacturers and because there is usually no other provided option for disposal. The S.A.C. products are the solution, they are for 21st century products. It is obvious that we need to keep up and adjust to what people are using and provide a good method for disposal. S.A.C. is manufactured by Golden Group International, Ltd. in Patterson, NY.

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