Living With Incontinence

 Living With Incontinence

The Importance Of Having A Plan

Ecofriendly Diaper Disposal BagsSpring is here and summer is right around the corner. The weather is getting warmer and with that there are many more activities going on, things to do and places to go. No one wants to have to worry about incontinence related issues when they’re trying to have a good time and enjoy the weather. When you’re living with urinary or fecal incontinence, having a plan and being prepared can make all the difference.

The unfortunate emotional side effects of incontinence issues

Unfortunately, urinary and fecal incontinence can have many unforeseen side effects on people.  Most people living with incontinence of some kind tend to suffer from anxiety and may even develop depression. Many people are often too embarrassed to seek help from their physician so they just try to cope with it on their own. As a result they are often caught unprepared during an accident. People living with incontinence often feel ashamed, isolated, and helpless because of their condition, especially if they don’t seek help. Without the right help and a good plan, incontinence can begin to interfere with work, social activities, and even personal relationships.

However, incontinence doesn’t have to get the better of you. Stressful as it may be sometimes you can learn to live with, and even overcome incontinence. With the right help, the right information, and a good plan, you can conquer your condition and live a normal, worry free life. Having a plan and being prepared can be a tremendous help.

The importance of planning when you live with incontinence

It’s important to have a plan. This may seem like a simple fix but it’s definitely easier said than done. Living with incontinence is very stressful, and it is, by its very nature, radically unpredictable. People with control issues oftentimes feel like they have to make profound changes to their way of life in order to prevent humiliating accidents. All it really takes is a well thought out plan and a little help.

Planning out your daily errands and activities can be extremely beneficial for being ready in case of an emergency. It’s also a very good idea to pack a change of clothes, protective underwear, and sanitary wipes and keep them at the ready in your car or bag. One of the most important things to keep handy at all times is a quality disposal bag for discreetly discarding or temporarily storing soiled protective undergarments, used wipes and clothing when you are away from home. Having a quality disposal bag means being able to effectively contain your messy situation and all of the sights and smells associated with it.

Being ready for anything – thinking ahead is key

Another part of your plan should include knowing when and where you will be able to use a restroom. Public restrooms are not always easy to find and sometimes damn near impossible. In addition, you need to remember that once you do locate a restroom in a time of need and change your soiled undergarments you should never, ever, attempt to flush any used personal hygiene items and used incontinence products! They won’t go down the toilet! If you think being noticed for having a visible accident or having strong incontinence related odors wasn’t embarrassing enough, being the cause of a backed up toilet or flooded bathroom can be especially humiliating. You should always carry a strong, reliable, sealable plastic bag to discard or temporarily store your soiled items.  

Helpful Reminder: Always remember to change your undergarments regularly, especially if you notice any leakage. Also, wet and soiled items against your skin are not healthy and can lead to painful rashes and even infections, so remember to keep yourself clean and dry.

Public restrooms are a privilege and everyone should do their part to clean up after themselves, respect the property and the plumbing, as well as the people who work to keep it clean for everyone else. So remember, planning is key. Have a change of protective undergarments on hand, take along wipes for cleanup and a quality, keep discreet disposable personal hygiene disposal bags with you. Whether you are at work, shopping, exercising, traveling or just out with friends, having a discreet disposal method on hand so you can discard soiled undergarments, or even temporarily store soiled clothing to take home and wash, is extremely important.

Helpful tools for living with incontinence

Nowadays there are a few places to find incontinence disposal bags for sale but finding an effective quality bag is key. Golden Group International, a family-owned and operated company based in New York, has been making incontinence disposal bags and other personal hygiene related disposal options since 2007. Their degradable plastic disposal bags are the best on the market. The bags are reliably sealable to prevent handling accidents, they’re non-translucent so you can’t see inside them, and their made of high quality degradable plastic materials that are difficult to puncture and environmentally safe.

Having a quality disposal bag that you can depend on to seal in odors is extremely helpful. It’s important to realize that in the colder winter months odors can be significantly less noticeable. But in the spring and summer months, when the air is much warmer, odors get magnified and become much more noticeable. You can trap those nasty odors by sealing your soiled undergarments and used personal hygiene products in a S.A.C.® Incontinence Disposal Bag.

Have a plan, be prepared and get out there!

The fact is, living with urinary and fecal incontinence is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be a tremendous burden on your life. By thinking ahead, creating a plan, seeking help from health care professionals, and using quality protective products you can live your life with confidence.

Don’t forget, a quality disposal bag is a very important part of the proper incontinence plan. Just being prepared, and having one of these bags on your as a backup plan will make you feel a lot more confident and comfortable and is also a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. Don’t let incontinence reduce your independence or your quality of life. Have a plan, be prepared and get out there!

For more information on Golden Group International or their S.A.C.® (Socially Acceptable Containment) line of personal hygiene disposal products, please visit them at or take a look at their products on Amazon.

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